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Flowers that Bloom in March and Matching Flower Jewellery

Updated: Feb 5

March is a great time of year to see beautiful flowers in the UK. From vibrant daffodils to delicate snowdrops, there are plenty of pretty blooms to admire.

Why not embrace the Spring with some matching flower jewellery?

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some of the most popular March flowers in the UK and coordinating flower jewellery. So read on to discover some of the best blooms, flower colours and flower jewellery to enjoy in March.

flower jewellery

March is a special time in the UK, as it marks the beginning of Spring and the flowering of many beautiful blooms. One of the most iconic flowers to appear in March is the daffodil, which is often seen planted in gardens, parks, and woodlands throughout the country. This cheerful bloom is great for Flower Jewellery, adding a splash of colour to an outfit.

This Daffodil Pendant by Celtic Lands is set with Citrine stone and has been delicately made in Sterling Silver. Coming complete with an 18" Sterling Silver chain it is the perfect addition to a Spring wardrobe!

2. Daisies

Daisy jewellery is a timeless and classic accessory that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Whether you opt for a delicate daisy necklace or a bold daisy bracelet, flower jewellery is a beautiful way to express your individual style and add a hint of femininity. They are symbols of innocence, purity, optimism, and love. Throughout history, daisy jewellery has been a sign of affection, a reminder of special moments, and even a symbol of peace. For example, in the Victorian era, it was common for brides to wear daisy jewellery on their wedding day to signify love, loyalty, and fidelity. During World War II, daisy jewellery was often given as a token to someone who was away from home to remind them of the beauty they could look forward to upon their return. Additionally, daisy jewellery is seen as an iconic symbol for young girls, as it represents all that is youthful, innocent, and beautiful.

daisy jewellery

real daisy earrings

These beautiful Daisy Earrings are made from real Daisy flowers, carefully embedded in clear resin and set in a sterling Silver surround.

For more inspo, take a look at our blog post 'How to wear daisy jewellery' here.

3. Dandelion

Dandelions are a widespread weed of the daisy family that has globular heads of seeds with downy tufts. The yellow flowers are a magnet for bees so its good to let a few stay in your garden!

4. Primroses

A cheerful sign of spring, primroses are one of the first flowers to bloom in UK woodlands. They are an important nectar source for butterflies. Look out for their friendly yellow in woodland clearings.

5. Muscari (Grape hyacinth)

floral silver

Grape hyacinths are small spring-blooming bulbs,. They get their name from the way their tightly packed purple flower clusters resemble grapes. Interestingly, they are Asparagaceae, part of the asparagus family of plants.

6. Hellebores (Christmas Rose)

These delicate and subtle pink flowers are shortlived but beautiful. They are hardy and compact, and the nectar from their blossoms is beneficial to early pollinators. Also, the majority thrive in light shade, where their typically evergreen leaves offer year-round appeal.


7. Tulip

flower jewellery

Due to their vivid, dazzling colours and wonderful shape, tulips are among the most popular flowers and a garden favourite. These characteristics also make them a good choice for flower jewellery designs. Many metaphorical meanings are associated with tulips, such as a proclamation of love, rebirth, or new beginnings. People remortgaged their homes during the "tulip fever" of the 17th century to pay for tulip bulbs to sell because the blooms were so in demand.

8. Meadow Buttercup

Bright yellow Buttercups can represent the start of a new year or project.

Since this flower stands for success and creativity, buttercup flower jewellery makes a wonderful gift.

We hope that you've found this blog informative and inspirational and we look forward to exploring seasonal blooms and coordinating flower jewellery for each month of the year!

Want to know which flower is the birthflower for a different month? Take a look here: Your Guide to Birth Flowers (

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