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Autumn Flowers

Updated: Feb 5

October and November mark the heart of autumn in the UK. As leaves change and fall, these months present a unique range of blooms that inspire with their colors and forms. The garden comes alive with flowers that have a long flowering period, ensuring beauty throughout these months. Let's explore the floral wonders of this season and discover how they translate into exquisite jewellery designs.

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Flowers That Bloom in October and November

Cosmos: October's Birth Flower

As one of the birth flowers for October, Cosmos brings joy with its dainty petals in shades of pink, white, and even burgundy. Their resemblance to daisies offers a hint of summer's memory as we get closer to late autumn. The Marigold is also October's Birth Flower. Marigolds, vibrant in orange and gold hues, symbolise the sun's energy, warmth, and creativity. Used in various cultures for both celebrations and memorials, these flowers are particularly notable in Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico.

Chrysanthemums: The November Birth Flower

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The birth flower for November is the Chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum encapsulates the spirit of autumn with colors ranging from gold and rust to deep purples. The intricate petal arrangements of the chrysanthemum provide endless design possibilities for jewellery makers.

Pansies: The Hardy Blooms of Autumn

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Pansies, especially the purple varieties, stand out with their bold and bright hues. Their resilience in colder temperatures makes them a symbol of enduring beauty and strength.

Nerine bowdenii (Guernsey Lily) & Autumn Crocus

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Both these flowers, with their pink and purple petals, are synonymous with November. Their distinct shapes - lily-like for Nerines and larger, saucer-shaped for Autumn Crocus - provide contrasting design inspirations.

Butterflies and Blooms

Butterflies can often be spotted enjoying the nectar from garden flowers during autumn. While many species start to hibernate or complete their life cycle by November, milder autumns can still see them fluttering around, adding a touch of magic to the garden. Their delicate and colorful wings, much like flower petals, have long inspired jewellery designs.

Purple Flowers in Jewellery: Autumn's Royal Hue

Purple, a color often associated with royalty, mystery, and magic, finds its way into many autumn blooms, making it an ideal choice for jewellery designs. Whether it's the deep purple of chrysanthemums, the lighter shades of pansies, or the vibrant hues of the Autumn Crocus, this color adds depth and sophistication to any piece.

Flower Jewellery Symbolism

The sentiment behind a piece of jewellery can be as impactful as its appearance. As the autumn months usher in a period of reflection and gratitude, flower jewellery serves as a reminder of nature's ever-evolving beauty.

flower jewellery

The months of October and November, while heralding the onset of winter, are abundant with floral beauty. The unique blooms of these months not only decorate gardens but also inspire stunning pieces of jewellery, combining the beauty of nature with the artistry of design.

We hope that you've found this blog informative and inspirational and we look forward to exploring seasonal blooms and coordinating flower jewellery for each month of the year!

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