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Flowers That Bloom in September and Matching Flower Jewellery

Updated: Feb 5

September is a month of transition, capturing the essence of both Summer's end and Autumn's approach. The UK showcases an array of flowers during this period, making it an ideal source of inspiration for jewellery designers.

floral jewellery

Flowers That Bloom in September

  • Asters: These can be found in various shades including purples, pinks, and whites.

  • Colchicum (Autumn Crocus): These have bold pink or purple petals and resemble the springtime crocus.

  • Cyclamen hederifolium: These hardy cyclamens bloom in delicate shades of pink and white.

  • Dahlias: Known for their vibrant hues and intricate petal patterns, dahlias are synonymous with September. Their complexity mirrors the intricate artistry of jewellery designs.

  • Goldenrod (Solidago): Its bright yellow spikes are a beacon of colour.

  • Hesperantha: Blooming in red or pink, they provide a warm touch to the garden.

  • Hydrangea paniculata: Some varieties showcase a gradual color change, turning from white to rosy-pink as the season progresses.

  • Japanese Anemone: Mostly in whites and pinks, they give a soft color contrast to the intense hues of other autumn flowers.

  • Lilies: While not exclusive to September, certain lilies such as the Nerine bowdenii offer pink or white lily-like flowers in this month, embodying grace and elegance.

  • Michaelmas Daisies: With shades ranging from purple to blue and white, these daisies are an emblem of the lingering warmth of the year.

  • Rudbeckia: These bring in the golden-yellow tones, reminiscent of the approaching autumn.

  • Sedum: Varieties such as 'Autumn Joy' bloom with deep pink to russet tones as they mature.

Floral jewellery
Japanese Anemone

Floral Jewellery: A Timeless Trend

Floral designs in jewellery are timeless. They never go out of fashion and provide an instant connection to nature, elegance, and femininity. Here's how September blooms inspire floral jewellery.

Dahlia Jewellery

The multifaceted petals of the dahlia create a beautiful design in silver and gold-plated silver designs. Whether it's a necklace or earrings the dahlia motif stands out for its mesmerising patterns and vibrant energy.

Daisy Jewellery

Daisy jewellery is very versatile. It's a subtle nod to nature while being chic and contemporary. With each petal crafted meticulously, daisy pieces, be it necklaces, bangles, earrings or a flower ring, are a favourite among those who appreciate understated elegance.

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Lily Jewellery

Representing purity and renewal, lily jewellery pieces are both delicate and profound. Their elegance can be captured in long-drop earrings or as a centrepiece of a bracelet, making them a sought-after design for many.

Flower Jewellery: Symbolism and Design

Beyond aesthetics, flower jewellery carries profound symbolism. Flowers like dahlias, daisies, and lilies symbolise various sentiments from gratitude to innocence and passion. When these meanings intertwine with the art of jewellery design, it gives an added layer of significance to each piece, making them not just accessories but storytellers.

Pink Flower Jewellery

In the UK, September brings a rich tapestry of colors to the garden, but if we were to focus on one dominant and iconic color for flowers in this month, it would be deep pink to russet.

This transitional hue perfectly encapsulates the shift from summer's bright vivacity to autumn's warm, muted tones. Flowers like Sedum ('Autumn Joy'), some varieties of Dahlias, and the later stages of Hydrangea paniculata showcase these tones beautifully.

This shade is versatile and timeless, making it an excellent choice for both jewellery and fashion.

To summarise, as September unveils its floral wonders, the world of jewellery finds itself enchanted by the month's blooms.

The harmonious blend of nature's art with the craftsmanship of UK designers at Floral Silver offers jewellery enthusiasts pieces that are not only visually stunning but deeply meaningful.

Whether you're looking to gift a special piece or enhance your personal style with a new addition to your collection, Floral Silver has something for everyone.

We hope that you've found this blog informative and inspirational and we look forward to exploring seasonal blooms and coordinating flower jewellery for each month of the year!

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