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Flowers that Bloom in April and Matching Flower Jewellery

Updated: Feb 5

Spring has arrived! It's time to shed our winter coats and embrace the beauty of nature. With spring comes the blossoming of flowers that fill our gardens with color and fragrance. Daisies and primroses are still in bloom, but many other flowers are starting to blossom as well.

While March has its own charm in terms of flowers, April is when the bloom truly begins. From violets to pansies and cherry blossoms, April brings some of the most stunning flowers to life.

We’ll be exploring some of the most popular April flowers in the UK and coordinating flower jewellery. So read on to discover some of the best blooms, flower colours and flower jewellery to enjoy in April.

1. Bluebells

floral jewellery bluebell jewellery

Bluebells are bell-shaped perennial flowers and their arrival is a sure sign that Spring is in full swing. Said to be the fairies favourite flowers, the purple glow of a bluebell wood is certainly an enchanting spectacle.

2. Cherry Blossom

blossom jewellery

April brings the first beautiful blossoms on cherry trees and fruit trees in the UK, and Cherry Blossom also holds a special place in the rich culture and history of Japan. Hanami, or cherry blossom festivals, are held in Japan to welcome spring and honour the wonders of nature.

Cherry blossom earrings flower jewellery

These stunning Urushi Cherry Blossom earrings are handcrafted Sterling Silver with resin & copper. and retail for £59

3. Forget-me-not

forget-me-not jewellery

True love and respect are symbolised by forget-me-nots. Giving someone forget-me-not jewellery is a way of promising that you will never forget them and that you will always keep them in your thoughts. They are also viewed as a representation of fidelity and faithfulness.

Real Flower Gold Plated Heart Chain Bracelet

This gold plated Silver bracelet with heart shaped links retails at £49.95 and has been made using real flowers encased in resin.

4. Pansy

flower jewelley

A popular garden flower, pansies come in many brightly coloured shades and are said to symbolise love and friendship.

5. Cowslip

yellow flower jewellery

The cowslip (Primula veris), a native primula, is a lovely plant with Lemony yellow blooms and attractive foliage. It is great for attracting bees at this time of year.

We hope that you've found this blog informative and inspirational and we look forward to exploring seasonal blooms and coordinating flower jewellery for each month of the year!

Want to know which flower is the birth flower for April? Take a look here: Your Guide to Birth Flowers (

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