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A delicate addition to our Personalise It collection, these birth bloom pendants feature a pre-engraved flower, each representing month of the year. Crafted in recycled sterling silver, these pendants are engravable on the reverse with a short message or small drawing to make for a perfect sentimental gift for a loved one.

The birthflower for July is the Waterlily.

Water lilies come in two varieties—hardy and tropical.  Tropical water lilies are larger, more spectacular and fragrant. The water lily's spectacular, fragrant blossoms come in a variety of colours in addition to the traditional white.  The Amazon water lily grows enourmous lily pads only lasting a few days that are up to 8 feet in diameter.  Water lilies have also traditionally symbolized purity, innocence, and chastity.  They are considered to signify resurrection and rebirth in Buddhism and Hinduism since the blossoms open and close every day. They also serve as Bangladesh's national flower.


Includes an 18" Sterling Silver chain and a gift box

Birth Blooms Pendant-July-Waterlily

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